How come there’s no……..

Below are three posters from approximately 1974 when the CME did an ad campaign mocking communist countries. I can recall seeing one mocking Yugoslavia in an office but I haven’t seen it again. If anyone has a copy, please submit it!

How come there’s no Peking Duck Exchange? Difference of opinion – openly aired – is as essential to a free economy as it is to a free society. That’s why great commodity exchanges can flourish in this country and not in the People’s Republic of China. You can’t have free markets in a regimented society. And you can’t have regimented markets in a free society.

How come there’s no Havana Cigar Exchange? It just wouldn’t work. A commodity futures market such as those that flourish in the United States and other free countries simply can’t operate in a highly regulated economy. Free markets – or controlled? When you get right down to it, that’s probably the single biggest difference between their way and ours. Except, of course, for the standard of living.
How come there’s no Moscow Mercantile Exchange? Millions of potatoes, cabbage and other commodities change hands in the U.S.S.R. every year, but not a ruble’s worth is traded on any futures market. In a regulated economy, the price of a head of cabbage is exactly what the government says it is – no more, no less. Does their system work? Apparently. Does it work as well as ours? You’ve got to be kidding.

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  1. Weston

    I've been trying to track these posters down for over a year. They're terrific. Do you know where I might find a set?

      1. MW

        Hi Ross,

        Do you have any contact information you are willing to share? In order to discuss a purchase.

  2. Ryan

    These are one of a few sets that are around and I obtained them from a former Reuters reporter who cleaned out his house and got rid of his exchange memorabilia he accumulated since the late 60s. The posters were also ran as ads in financial magazines but I think the possibility of getting any posters is slim to zero. If I ever get additional copies, I'll post it on the blog.

  3. Anonymous

    I have the Peking Duck poster and also, I think, the Cuban Cigar poster.

    You're right — they're quite rare. However, If you don't mind paying big bucks, perhaps we can come to a deal.

    — Chuck

  4. Tom C.

    I have the Havana Cigar and Peking Duck Exchanges posters. They have been in a frame for at least 15 years, but maybe since they came out. I will be wiling to sell them for the right price. email tcassad@luc.edu

  5. Anonymous

    I have the peking duck exchange poster the moscow mercantile exchange poster and the havana cigar exchange poster they are framed and very good condition. I was wondering what these are worth. Any information would be appreciated.

  6. Ryan

    Well it seems like there's a few more than I originally imagined. My fair value would be $500 for three posters in good condition and would thus be $300 bid at $800. I'd think if they made their way into a Bonhams or Sotheby's listing, they'd go for more but that's too much effort for an individual and for that price. Not many people, if any beyond myself, collect this type of stuff.

  7. Thomas J Livecchi

    Hey, I have one of each of these posters, matted and framed that I found in a thrift store. Would anyone be interested? I would be willing to sell them . Let me know,
    tjlivecchi@gmail.com. thanks!

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