End of session

I’m taking a sabbatical from the blog for a few months mostly because I’ll be out of the country for an extended period of time and also so I can focus on arranging some of the hand signal information in preparation for a self published book which hopefully will be out in a year.  See ya in April…

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  1. Anonymous

    Best of luck with your endeavors and looking forward to the book. KC

    Btw, I couldn't find a copy but when the Mid-Am moved to the former CME building at Jackson and the river they published a pamphlet on the history of the exchange. In a nutshell it was started by the man it was initially named after, it was Pudd's Exchange. It was an outdoor curb market, market (somewhat like the old NY Curb Market Assoc.) located near the various CBOT locations along the Chicago River. The exchange offered what sounds today like walk up trading service, I guess that as late as the late 1960s or early '70s people were allowed to go onto the floor and pay money to a Clearing Member and direct trades into what's always been a secondary market. I recall that it had several names before they settled on the descriptive Chicago Open Board of Trade and later the Mid America Commodities Exchange. Before moving to the Insurance Exchange Building they were located in the Fischer Building on S. Dearborn, old timers used to recall the drunks they had to shoo out of the doorway early in the mornings, Van Buren was a skid row back then.

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