Remember the Roar

Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while as I’ve been traveling w/my wife a lot and a few days ago we came across something which is probably the closest equivalent to a busy trading floor.  There are two roars which I’ll never forget, the most memorable is from seeing the Blackhawks play at old Chicago Stadium while the second …

Chicago’s decade of innovation: 1972-1982 (article)

It’s amazing how most traders take the origin and development of various futures contracts for granted considering the ingenuity it took to launch them in first place.  Fortunately the FT’s Chicago correspondent Hal Weitzman wrote the following article for the World Federation of Exchange’s monthly magazine earlier this year which puts into focus the decade of 1972-82 when the financial …

Reality weirder than fiction

After a guy rogue trades his way to destroying a CBOT clearing firm in 1992, what could possibly be the second act for him???? photo and story from Run for mayor of Vancouver with his campaign based in the Occupy Vancouver tent city, noting that he’s the only homeless candidate in the election.

CBOT hand signals guide from 1995

This 1995 guide to CBOT hand signals was published by the exchange and shows just prices and quantities.  I obtained it from the Library of Congress which was quite helpful in this and other research requests.  Sorry my scanner isn’t that great and some signals are a bit faint. cbothandsignals by tradingpithistory

NY cocoa ring

This photo of the NY Cocoa Exchange is from an undated postcard but my guess is the 50s or 60s. 

Gursky – Chicago Board of Trade

Andreas Gursky photographed various trading floors in the late 90s and some of the photos have reached, in my opinion, ridiculously high valuations.  Clearly I am in the wrong business when his “Chicago Board of Trade” photo was sold last year for $902,500 at above the high estimate range of 600,000 – 900,000. How that photo is justified to be …

What I’ve learned (Esquire knockoff)

Esquire magazine has a column each month entitled What I’ve Learned and various ‘famous’ people share knowledge on what they’ve learned through the journey of life.  Most of those interviewed aren’t that interesting or even ought to be looked at for advice (reality stars, actors, etc…) but there are some great interviews in the archives worth reading.  Anyways, here’s what …