Gursky – Chicago Board of Trade

Andreas Gursky photographed various trading floors in the late 90s and some of the photos have reached, in my opinion, ridiculously high valuations.  Clearly I am in the wrong business when his “Chicago Board of Trade” photo was sold last year for $902,500 at above the high estimate range of 600,000 – 900,000.

How that photo is justified to be valued at just under a million dollars completely blows my mind.  Perhaps this description complete w/English art wanker accent can help me understand:

(this file has since been deleted)

Nope, I just don’t get it.  Click on the “Lot Notes” tab below the photo in this link to read further on what mental masturbation the art world justifies itself on for further description of the photo.

Art valuations are really the only thing that can make me, politically further to the Right than the Tea Party, wonder if some people do make too much money and taxes should be increased.

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  1. Valentin

    The same with paying several weekly earnings of an average worker for a bottle of wine. If you have ever made wine yourself, it'll blow your mind too. Just perception of masses and nothing more … Provocative post! Thank you.

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