Trading card ‘bookmark’ offer

CME trading cardOn July 6th when the futures pits closed, I pulled my trading jacket out of the closet but having not traded in the pit in a decade, my trading cards didn’t have the proper acct number on them so I had to get a stack of temp cards which the exchange will sell if someone runs out of their regular cards.  When I went to the communications desk just 30 minutes before the grains closed to request some futures cards, the clerk asked, “are you sure?” LOL.  I actually thought to maybe trade on the close in the eurodollars but as you can see in the previously posted video of that pit close, there wasn’t anything to trade.

Anyways, I time stamped a handful of the cards and if anyone who purchased the hardback of Trading Pit Hand Signals and would like one of these cards as a bookmark of sorts, forward proof of book purchase to me: tradingpithistory ‘at’ along w/a mailing address (US addresses only) and I’ll send you a card for free.  It’s just one of those kitschy things that I enjoy collecting and figured that others might as well (it doesn’t have the website url in acronym either on the cards).  Sorry I don’t have enough to offer for anyone who didn’t pick up the book and actually this is only til supplies last for those that bought it anyways.


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