Trading floor pinback buttons

Exchange trading floor pinback butons

It’s been a while since I’ve posted after being so busy w/trading and other stuff, but today I got the chance to sort some of my trading floor pinback buttons from various exchanges and took a photo of whatever could fit on my coffee table.  The LIFFE and CBOE pinback buttons are not included on this photo due to space limitations.  You should be able to click on the photo to zoom in and read what the various buttons were commemorating (if not right click and select View Image).

A quick categorization starting from the bottom is index futures, interest rates, currencies, metals/energies, agricultural, meats, commemorative then misc exchange.  There’s various exchange pinback buttons I know of not having but this is the vast majority and includes all of the major ones. I am buying these to add to my collection so please let me know if you have any to sell, especially for the ones that I don’t have!  Email me: tradingpithistory ‘at’ gmail.com please.  However, I’m not selling any but am open to trading some of my doubles.

For those who never worked on the floor, these exchange pinback buttons were given out at the entrance of the trading floor on a single morning only to celebrate a new contract launch or occasion.  Over the years I’ve collected them from various former floor workers since I, like most people on the floor, threw them away by the end of the day, if not within minutes of obtaining them by adding to the detritus of the trading floor.  Everything in trading is ephemeral, so to capture some of the moments via these physical items is very special.

I got some other cool stuff in recent months to post about and will do so in the next week….

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