LIFFE badges

LIFFE badges
LIFFE badge collection

Just a quick post as it’s been a while, the above photo is my collection of LIFFE badges that were distributed on the floor to commemorate a product launch or benchmark attained. There are probably a dozen badges that I know I don’t have but they’re for minor products generally and this is certainly one of the more, if not the most complete, collection out there. If you happen to have any which aren’t shown, please email me (tradingpithistory ‘at’ as I’d love to expand this collection.

In the US we refer to these as pinback buttons but apparently in the UK they’re called badges. Of the ones shown, the most notable are side by side in the middle right, the Bund futures launch and the FT-SE 100 futures. My favorite just for appearance is probably the mosaic pattered BTP futures launch badge from 1991. Any mention of that contract reminds me of a comment a friend once made of it that LIFFE’s BTP pit was more corrupt than Sicily.

My collection of CME and CBOT buttons was expanded quite a bit since I last took a photo of them and at some point I’ll have to do another photo. Next up, hopefully later this week, is another post I’ll have to do that’s also London related, regarding one of my most favorite and historic items in my collection of trading floor stuff.

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