1865 CBOT building Inaugural Banquet program

1865 Inaugural Banquet of CBOT building reception program, shared from my personal collection

As anyone who has been a part of the trading floor environment knows, there ain’t no party like a Chicago trader party, and that’s rang true going back to the origins of trading in the city. The CBOT and it’s members were quite flush just months after the end of the Civil War, and offered this luxurious banquet to open up the new 1865 building, their first permanent home within the Chamber of Commerce building.

I love any Chicago collectibles preceding the 1871 Chicago fire, but especially CBOT items as they’re pretty rare. In a prior post, I touched upon the fire as it related to the CBOT, burnt down the above building, and shared a members ticket in my collection from that year. Although I have other opening items for the subsequent CBOT buildings, the only similar item I’ve seen to commemorate the opening of a preceding CBOT building is either at the Chicago History Museum or the Chicago Public Library, can’t recall where I saw it.