Kansas City Board of Trade documentary from 2006

I transferred this documentary onto youtube from a DVD the Kansas City Board of Trade offered after it was produced in 2006. The documentary was produced as part of what appears to be a PBS affiliated series called Voices of Vision, showing both the speculative and producer perspectives on the hard red winter wheat contract which was traded in the pits at the KCBT.

In 1998, I got my first look at a trading pit from the visitors gallery at the KCBT and instantly knew that it was all I ever wanted to do in life. Shortly after that first look at 18, I got a job as a pit reporter and blew off my plans to go to university a couple months later. As you can understand with the profiles and interviews, it was a very inviting atmosphere for a young guy to be introduced to the futures industry. A lot of great memories come back whenever I see pictures or videos of the KCBT floor!

I might as well repost the video of the final trading bell I took as well there.

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  1. Justin Gilpin

    Thanks for posting this. A lot of good dudes and good times in this, and some friends no longer with us. RIP Deb.
    For those that got to experience the KCBT work in the pit and on the floor, it was a life changing event.

    1. Post
      Ryan Carlson

      Sorry it took me a week to login and approve the comment (spam filter) but yeah it was great times at the KCBT with a lot of characters. Really happy to have started my trading career there! DR, who I clerked for, remains a good friend and being in his orbit I see a few others from the floor occasionally.

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