Still Talkin’


The anti spam upgrades worked so good that I managed to lock myself out of the website for an extended period, lol, but now access has been restored.  “Still talkin’” just like the first song off the first cassette I ever bought as a swap meet bootleg copy back in 1988.

One announcement to make is that the Trading Pit Hand Signals book is down to about it’s last 100 copies with most of those just shipped to Amazon.  There won’t be a second printing run so this is going to be it for the physical books if you wish to pick up a copy.  It is also an excellent choice for what the Japanese refer to as Tsundoku.  Thanks to all those who have bought the book and I hope you enjoyed it!

Putting up some (weekly?) content on Instagram is something in consideration @tradingpithistory since there is an enormous amount of memorabilia I’ve collected, including hundreds of historical photos which might be fun to share on there.  Not sure if I’ll put the effort into it but kinda feeling the itch to make it happen and IG is the most appropriate place for quick visuals with a little caption, then do longer form content here on the website.

The handsignal gallery on this website got buggy and it’s undetermined if enough resources should be thrown at it to correct it so that might stay down.   WordPress has had a lot of various upgrades in the 7+ years since transitioning it from blogger and since this isn’t a commercial website, maintenance has slacked a bit on anything non critical.

Trading keeps me really occupied still, along with family, travel, other side projects, etc… but I’m still very passionate about this and will keep continuing to showcase some history.  A couple months ago I passed 20 straight years at a member at CME Group and that was always a benchmark I aspired to as back when I started, as I’d see some old timers with special 20 year member markings on their badges and wanted to get to that point.  Although I doubt the membership structure will always remain, I’m trying to chase the legendary Lee Stern‘s run an exchange member which is at 73 years and counting!