This project solicits any and all examples of hand signals from any futures trading floor which aren’t already on the website. Any critique of information contained is also encouraged as some hand signals are from secondhand sources and the aim is accurate historical record. The catalogue of knowledge will continually be updated as additions are made.

Please contact the project at:[email protected]. Also visit our blog to view a continually updated collection of historical items and writings focusing on open outcry futures trading.

Ryan Carlson has worked at the Kansas City Board of Trade, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and New York Mercantile Exchange in addition to visiting the trading floors of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, Montreal Exchange, London Metals Exchange, Bolsa Mercadorias & Futuros in Sao Paulo, and Singapore International Monetary Exchange. He has been a member of the CME since age 22 and continues as an independent trader there today, although his last trade in the pit was in 2005.

No endorsement, affiliation or authorization was given by any of the exchanges, companies or individuals whose attributed hand signals are listed on this website as it is an independent project. All hand signals are sourced directly from participants with personal experience using them on the trading floor.