Open Outcry DVD

My first week at the Merc in late 1999, filming for the PBS documentary Open Outcry was done. I’m actually in it at 6:05 on the DVD and also the final shot learning my hand signals from Bruce Redding who taught a huge amount of people on the floor.


Open Outcry movie

Open Outcry movie

1975 Ginnie Mae futures ad

Full page ad from October 27, 1975 edition of Time Magazine.

Ginnie Mae futures ad CBOT

Ginnie Mae futures CBOT ad from 1975

LIFFE Trader statue

The statue is located in The City right across the street from Cannon Street Station, nearby the old LIFFE trading floor.

LIFFE trader statue

LIFFE trader statue formerly located near Cannon Street, London

LIFFE trader statue badge

LIFFE trader statue badge

LIFFE statue clearing firm badge

LIFFE trader statue firm badge

LIFFE trader statue plaque

LIFFE trader statue plaque